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PhoRC (Phone Remote Control) is a program developed for controlling computer programs with the help of a mobile phone keypad. Mobile phone, connected by Bluetooth, will work as a remote control device for your computer. PhoRC can help you to control presentations; to control audio/video players and other software, to reboot/shutdown computer, to execute custom commands. Feature of the program is that nothing needs to be installed to the mobile phone. Read more >>


SRW (Single Room Watch) is a software for digital video surveillance system. Using any web camera and PC, you can create an office or home security system. You can secure your business, watch over your family, your pets, your babysitter, etc. Program can record video and audio on the command from build in motion detector. When alert is detected, program can play WAV file, show warning sign for human-operator, send SMS to the specified mobile phone number. Read more >>


The program VolumeScroller is developed to increase the convenience of volume adjusting. When launched, the program places its icon into the system tray. To rule volume it is enough to point the cursor at the progam icon in the tray and turn the scroll wheel or to use hot keys. If you try it once, you'll find it difficult to return to the standard variant. Read more >>

MV Lines

MV Lines is just a simple J2ME game for mobile phone. The rules are very simple. There is a square field. At each game step 3 balls of different colors appear at the field. You can move one ball at each turn. Your task is to gather lines of 5 or more balls of the same color as long as you can. So it is just a simple clone for mobile phone of the famous game. Read more >>