SRW (Single Room Watch) is a software for digital video surveillance system. Using any web camera and PC, you can create an office or home security system. You can secure your business, watch over your family, your pets, your babysitter, etc.

As it is indicated in the name, the program is developed for indoor usage, which is caused by the use of webcams and the importance of stable light conditions. But if you have a better camera then you can use SRW outdoors; for example, you can watch your car or space in front of the door. You can get especially good results with an infrared camera.

Program can record video and audio, compressing with any codec avaliable on your computer, to a hard disk. Build in motion detector allows to activate recording at the important moments only. You can easily specify control zone of the frame and alert threshold.

When alert is detected, program can play WAV file, show warning sign for human-operator, send SMS to the specified mobile phone number.

The program writes all events to the log file. After start up, program can be protected by password.


Lastest version of SRW - SRW 2010.
Previous version of SRW - SRW 0.95 alpha.


This is shareware program. Registration price is $12.50.
Registration discontinued.