The program VolumeScroller is developed to increase the convenience of volume adjusting. When launched, the program places its icon into the system tray. To rule volume it is enough to point the cursor at the progam icon in the tray and turn the scroll wheel or to use hot keys ("Alt"-"+" to increase volume, "Alt"-"-" to decrease), or to press mouse button (left - to increase, right - to decrease volume). Use double click for menu. The change may seem minor, when compared with the standard way of adjusting the volume: you simply avoid the necessity of clicking the mouse button one extra time! But this is, indeed, one of those trivial details that create comfort when one uses a computer. If you try it once, you'll find it difficult to return to the standard variant.

VolumeScroller works under control for any operational system of the Windows family since Windows 95 up to Windows 7.


Lastest version of VolumeScroller - VolumeScroller 2.0.
Previous version of VolumeScroller - VolumeScroller 1.2.


It is shareware program. But for exUSSR users registration is free. Just enter "exUSSR" as a username, and the current day of the week name in Russian as a serial. Non exUSSR users can order program registration in the online shop. In that case registration fee is $6.

Limitations of the unregistered version:

  • registration reminding at the VolumeScroller startup;
  • volume control at the range of 10-90% of possible value.