Additional information about PhoRC

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What PhoRC Is

  PhoRC (Phone Remote Control) is a program designed for controlling computer programs with the help of a mobile phone keypad.

What You Need It For

  The most obvious possible ways of using this program are:

  • To control presentations;
  • To control audio-/video- players.

  The program is fully customizable and is not confined to any application. It means that with its help it is possible to control any computer program, which allows keyboard control as a matter of principle. You may adjust the program for controlling your favourite video-player and then control the playback of a film, having settled yourself in a cozy armchair several meters from your PC. Or you can control WinAmp without approaching your PC, while doing your work about the house in any part of your apartment. Or else you can give a presentation and change the slides at the necessary moment without moving away from the pulpit or the screen and without approaching the computer or projector.

How It Works

  1. Connect your mobile phone to your PC by Bluetooth connection (cable connection is also possible, but is of little interest);
  2. Launch the program and choose / customize the set of commands;
  3. Remote control is functioning!

  A feature of the program is that nothing needs to be installed to the mobile phone!

How To Use PhoRC

  • After the mobile phone has been connected for the first time and the program settings have been adjusted, to use the program it is enough to turn on Bluetooth in the phone and to choose “Start” in the menu.
  • To switch quickly between different sets of commands correlating with the clicking of phone buttons use buttons “Save/Load” in “Properties”.
  • To quit the program, choose “Stop” in the menu and turn Bluetooth off.
  • It is recommended to use a mobile phone as a remote control in the keypad lock mode.

What It Looks Like